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We would love to demonstrate to Louisiana that the DPC style of practice can help our underserved Medicaid population. We can show that our focus on patient relationships and emphasisi on access is important. For Louisiana residents to have a "go-to" physician could make all the difference in avoiding ER visits and hospitalizations.

Our proposal would allow Medicaid patients to directly contract with us and have reimbursment from Medicaid. In keeping iwth our patient-centirc philosphy we DPC doctors would not be billing or coding or all the other non-patient red tape that gets in the way of the patient-physician relationship.

We would love to work with the Louisiana Department of Health to craft a better healthcare for Louisiana. A potential model may include the following:

  • A voucher reimbursement floor ($25 for minors, $60 for adults) shall be established.a>
  • Member is responsible in notifying LDH. The physician shall not be responsible for notification of LDH.
  • LA Medicaid will have quarterly invoice verification requirements. The physician shall not be responsible for such monitoring.
  • No price fixing is allowed.
  • The individual DPC practice may set their own enrollment fee.
  • No requirement that the physician be enrolled in Medicaid.
  • No requirement that the physician is practicing in Louisiana.
  • The DPC physician will not be required to generate hard copy nor electronic referrals.
  • The physician will have no data reporting requirements nor be required to file any claims.
  • Medicaid will be responsible for tracking data (e.g. ED visits, hospital costs, member satisfaction, etc.)

Look to the links below to find out who to contact when supporting legislation friendly to you and Direct Primary Care.