What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is healthcare fixed!

Attention shifts exclusively to the patient

Primary care physicans have long recognized that the critical alliance is between the patient and the physician. Adding an insurance company to look over our shoulders has never helped anything. Instead it has created unecessary burdens and interference. For decades the government and big insurance have manipulated the relationship. They have fouled up the meaning of caring for patients. Direct Primary Care physicians are devolving healthcare to return the focus to the patient.

Features of a typical Direct Primary Care practice are:

Is this "concierge" medicine?

DPC is NOT concierge in the typical model. You may know of physicians who have had their practices influenced by national organizations that have that practice charge a large monthly fee in order for a patient to remain a part of that practice. In addition to the membership fee, that typical concierge practice may ALSO collect copays and bills the insurance company. DPC is a model that rests on the smaller monthly membership fee only and typically has NO collection of copays nor deductibles nor do they bill the patient's insurance company.

Simply put...for a small monthly membership fee, we are your health team on retainer, available now, with advantages.

As simply stated, "At once, both a cutting edge and historically proven health care delivery and payment structure."

What is the Lousiana Direct Primary Care Coalition?

We are an advocacy group for patients

We are a grass roots organization of doctors seeking to inform the public, our patients and our legislators as to the merits of patient-centered health care.
Our task is not to convince any "health care experts" as we are the real healthcare experts.

LDPCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking better health for Louisianians. We are not a clinic. We are a like-minded group of physicians attempting to improve health care options

Our Mission is to:

We are a physician group

We are physicians trained in treating patients. Our collaboration is driven by one goal: improved care. While much of the medical community is drowning in government and insurance-related regulatory burdens we have shed those and work towards healthcare as our medical training has taught us.
It is said that medical students who chose primary care (Family Medicine, Primary Internal Medicine, Pediatrics) would do no other specialty. It is where their heart is.

We expect certain standards

We do NOT accept:

We DO accept donations to help our cause