Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


LDPCC is a statewide organization of physicians who chose to have a one-on-one relationship with their patients.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicans chose not to be entwined with the dictates and useless work associated with billing insurances.


Direct Primary Care is a model where the physician has a direct contractual relationship with the patient. We work for you, we do not work for the insurance company. For a modest monthly fee a DPC doctor provides primary care services for you. Visits, forms, refills, telephone/media consultations with no extra charge. We construct this for no-rush, same day visits if needed.

We keep our practice small so that you can have highly accessible individualized care.

This is the way Family Medicine should be


Your DPC doctor is YOUR doctor, regardless of you major insurance coverage. Even if you don't have insurance!

We don't waste time coding, billing, hanging on the phone, disputing claims and other time-wasters with insurances.


Yes. You pay a modest monthly membership fee often less than your cell or TV bill with the daily cost being less than a typical Starbucks. The fee is automatically drafted from a checking account or credit card.